Nutrition Coaching/ Hormone & Metabolism Assessment


  • 75 Minute Nutrition Coaching Appointment
  • Hormone & Metabolism Assessment (no blood work needed)
  • Nutrition Supplement Recommendations (if desired)
  • Custom Macro & Calorie Calculation (optional)



It is critical to address functional imbalances such as hormone balance (thyroid, sex hormones, adrenals), blood sugar fluctuations, digestion, liver function, metabolic health, and chronic inflammation. Ever wonder why you don’t have the same results as someone else on the same plan? Functional imbalances put a roadblock on your path to success, preventing you from being your optimal self. Work with Registered Dietitian Kelli Shallal to determine what your specific imbalances are and address them with your meal plan, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations. Includes a 75 minute one on one appointment.


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