Custom Macro Calculation


  • Custom macro calculations for workout days and rest days
  • 15- minute consult and macro tracking introduction
  • One free macro friendly recipe ebook/meal plan



Counting macros but feel you could get better results?  This plan is for you!

Macro calculations by a fitness app are NEVER as accurate because they don’t take into account enough information.  These fitness apps often calculate calories way to low or don’t create enough variety, putting you at risk for metabolism damage and losing muscle mass.

In this plan, a Registered Dietitian will calculate custom macronutrient calculations for both workout days and rest days (or just one calculation if you aren’t currently working out).  Calculations will take into account your body type, body composition goals, activity level, performance goals, and calorie needs.  (If you are a nursing mama, a custom plan helps account for enough calories to maintain your milk supply while meeting your goals.)

We want you to have everything you need to get started after you have your calculation.  That’s why this plan includes a 15-minute phone call so we can hone in on your goals and clear up any confusion about tracking macros. You’ll also get a free recipe ebook/meal plan with macro friendly recipes.



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