Custom 8 Week Fit-Bundle


Fit-bundles are limited to 30 people and are only available for purchase Black Friday through Cyber Monday.  

  • Hormone and Metabolism Assessment/Nutrition Assessment ($99 Value) 
  • Custom 8 Week Meal Plan ($379.00 Value) 
    • Printable Plan, Recipes, and Grocery List (Mobile Friendly)
    • Nutrition & Macronutrient Info
    • Weekly Progress Check-Ins with a Dietitian
    • Macronutrient Adjustments Based On Progress
  • Custom 8 Week Fitness Plan ($500.00 Value)
    • Initial Screening and Discussion on Goals
    • New Personalized Workouts Every Week
    • Corrective Exercise & Functional Movements Built Into Workouts
    • Bi-Weekly Progress Check-Ins with a Personal Trainer
  • Exclusive Facebook Group Access

There are no refunds on fit-bundles.  They may be purchased as a gift. Review our terms & policies for more information. Two week lead time from date of purchase to start your customized program, the latest date you may start will be 1/28/18.  



Want to see results right away???  Line up your fitness and nutrition at once with both a personalized meal plan and training program!  

Custom Meal Plan

The custom plan is designed for your individual macronutrient (calorie) goals for meals & snacks for 3 days that are rotated between workout and non-workout days. They account for your individual health conditions, activity level, and dietary preferences (Paleo, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, etc.).  Custom plans are personalized to you & adjustments are made to help you reach your goals with weekly virtual check-ins with your Dietitian. The plan is ideal for those with dietary restrictions (i.e. food allergies), and those who need a structured plan and accountability.

Personalized Fitness Plan

Have your trainer build a customized training plan for you. Bring your workouts to the gym, track your progress. Your trainer reviews your progress and tweaks your training plan.

Each program:

  • is customized to your goals and written by your coach
  • uses science-based methods to get you the results you desire in the most efficient and safest way possible
  • has Brandon’s year’s of rehab and corrective exercise experience built into each workout
  • includes bi-weekly check-ins with me via skype or phone call

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